Emma’s Garden

Apparently winter won’t last forever. To bring about this grand climactic shift in the northern hemisphere, Princess Lori put her magic needles and threads to good use and created a spring quilt. The pattern is called “Emma’s Garden” which is probably a code for something mysterious in the secret world of quilting. Besides being crafted in all bright spring colors, some of the fabric for this quilt was purchased from a local 4H yard sale which benefits the 4H kids while ultimately helping another charity. After the super secret sorting ceremony of the quilter’s guild, the quilt will be donated to another local charity. Whoever the ultimate recipient is will unknowingly benefit from a community effort and probably never realize it…as it should be.

The pictures can’t show the real detail in this piece of art but the Princess mirrored the butterflies and flowers of the material in the pattern she used to quilt the entire piece. The actual quilting was done free-motion after stenciling the pattern on the whole piece. There’s probably fairy dust and sunshine seeds woven in as well but I’m not allowed to know that. Since I’m totally unbiased and objective in my critical observations, you can trust me when I write that the Princess did an amazing job in bringing spring to life with fabric and stitchery. Selfishly, I’m glad this quilt is bringing an end to winter.